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I am a New York City based photographer, but my work includes photos from various parts of the US. My work runs the gamut from landscapes to portraits to product.

I enjoy the works of Ansel Adams, both because of the nature shots and that they were in black and white. The majority of my photos are landscapes and quite a few have been converted to black and white. These photos and in general all my photos do not have a deep meaning behind them. They represent a perspective that I saw, enjoyed and wanted to share with others. I hope that you enjoy the photos for what they are, just as I do. If you would like to purchase a copy of any of my photo's please e-mail me, my contact information is on the contact page. I am also available for headshots and photo sessions.

Official Photographer for: Jambalaya Events

Photos can also be view at: Fashionberry.com for designer Udo Nene

I have also shot for:  

Susan G. Komen NYC
      Leo Handcrafts
Tova B. Jewels
      Udo Nene Design



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